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I was recently in the Bahamas and heard a fantastic story about the second man who walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. One of my friends who lives in the Bahamas was riding around her subdivision one day and drove past a strange man walking down the street who looked lost. The person riding with her said, “Do you know who that was?? That was Buzz Aldrin!” She immediately wheeled around and kidnapped one of the most famous men in the world who at the time happened to be lost after taking a wrong turn.

As it turns out, Buzz had been playing in a celebrity golf tournament and was trying to find his way to a friend’s house not far from the course. Lucky for him, my friend picked him up and took him immediately to her house to meet her kids.

Buzz spent over an hour talking with her kids about what it was like to walk on the moon and all the things that kids would want to know about space. And he told an interesting story about what the oceans look like from space. And specifically, what the oceans around the Bahamas look like.

The Bluest Ocean

You see, the bluest part of all the oceans are the waters around the Bahamas. He explained that the depth of the water around the Bahamas wasn’t as deep as the rest of the oceans, so the blue water shows up that much more blue from space. (Just open up Google Earth if you don’t believe me). It’s so blue in fact, that you simply can’t miss it.

Which brings me to this question for you. What are you doing to stand out? If people look at the sea of businesses out there, is there anything that sets you apart from the others? Is there anything different about you at all?

What about you?

I would argue that if there isn’t much difference between you and everyone else, then there isn’t much reason for people to do business with you. So tell me… what is your ‘thing’? There aren’t that many Buzz Aldrins out there, but everyone can see what Buzz saw. The Bluest Ocean is what we all should strive for.

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