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My head told me one thing, and my heart told me another. It was that pivotal moment when you have to decide who will win… your head or your heart. We have all been there, and you can probably chime in with examples from both your personal life and your business. And I’ve made the right decision and the wrong decision before in both directions… doing what my heart led me to do, and doing what my common sense part of my brain told me to do.

Think about this in terms of your business. Do you lower that price because your competitor lowered theirs? Do you give that donation to the cause you deeply believe in, even when you can’t really afford it right now? Do you expand into that new market? Do you let that person go who isn’t a productive employee, or let them stay because they have a family to feed?

These decisions aren’t always easy, and in fact the distance between them isn’t far at all. 18 inches, to be exact. That’s the distance between your head and your heart. And sometimes it seems even shorter than that when the buck stops with you. Let your heart win every time and you may go out of business. But let your head win every time and you run the risk of being perceived as cold, unfeeling, and uncaring.

18 inches from your head to your heart.   The key is knowing when to use each one.  And that’s not easy. But then again, that’s why you get paid the big bucks, right?

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