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In the spirit of full disclosure, I have a new book about Twitter coming out soon which is available for pre-sale in my online store, so forgive me if I trip over myself mentioning it to you.

While piecing together the final chapters over the last couple of months, I have had the opportunity to review and use many fantastic Twitter tools available today. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites in case you weren’t aware of them, so here they are in no particular order. And by the way, I am open to you changing my mind, so hit me in the comments if you think I left off any tools that would make your top 7.

Hootsuite ( – Yes, there are many tools out there now that enable you to manage all your social networks in one place, but Hootsuite is my favorite. Manage your Twitter account, as well as your Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more, schedule posts, work as a team, see analytics about your activity, and so much more. It’s browser-based and apps are available for your phones. Awesomeness.

SocialBro ( – Perhaps my favorite Twitter tool right now is Socialbro. I can’t think of any stats and information that Socialbro doesn’t show you! Find out when to tweet, what your followers talk about and share most, and what you talk about the most. Monitor hashtags and analyze your competitors. Analyze your followers and who you follow. Find out what time zones they are in, what languages they speak, who is the most influential, how many followers your followers have, and so much more. You’ll see graphs, stats, and more details than you can consume. And did I mention that it’s free?

TweetReach ( – What kind of reach did your tweet get? What about your hashtag, or perhaps that link that you tweeted? How much influence do you have with your Twitter account? Tweetreach can do all that, and more! It can show you how many other Twitter accounts that you reached, how many impressions you received, and much, much more.

Tweriod ( – Tweriod is pretty simple. It looks at your tweets, your followers tweets, and then tells you the best times that you need to tweet to get the most interactions, retweets, etc.

Twilert ( – There are many services out there that will help you keep track of when certain words or phrases are mentioned on social networks. But Twilert is specifically designed to concentrate on Twitter and no other social networking sites. Simply set up the things you want to be notified about, and it will send you emails whenever it is mentioned.

Tweepi ( – Tweepi helps you ‘make sense of your Twitter account’. It does this by showing you 3 very important pieces of information. You can see who you are following who isn’t following you back. You can see who is following you that you aren’t following back. And you get to see a list of every one of the people you follow with statistics like when the last time they tweeted, who appears to be inactive, etc. It’s a great way to clean up your Twitter list.

PostPost ( – PostPost claims to be your ‘personal Twitter search engine’ because it allows you to just search your list of followers and their tweets. After you log in with your Twitter account, you can search your Twitter followers for all the pictures, videos, links, or anything they have posted.

So that’s my top 7. Next week, it may change, you never know. So what’s your favs?


steveholtconsulting June 16, 2012 at 8:52 pm

Well, Tweetdeck uses Adobe Air as its platform, so Hootsuite is just much faster. I like Hootsuite’s tabbed interface better… more organized.  Plus, Hootsuite is web-based and Tweetdeck is an app.  So I can easily go to any computer and login to  And finally, if you want to use it for business and working with others, Hootsuite is the only one that can do that.

Rick June 16, 2012 at 6:32 pm

I’m just now looking to up my Twitter usage from casual to more intensive and systematic, so I’ve just been looking for reviews/comparisons of the two clients. What are the additional features that Hootsuite has? 

steveholtconsulting June 15, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Thanks Rick! I use Hootsuite daily…love it. I haven’t seen any bugginess, although most of my usage is on the computer. I started with TweetDeck a couple of years ago but the android app was lacking so I switched to Hootsuite because the web app and android app are seamless. TweetDeck isn’t bad, I just prefer the Hootsuite interface and the addition features. What do you think?
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Rick June 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Forgot to say, Fantastic post!! There’s such an overload of information on how to use Twitter that it’s great to hear from someone who a. knows what the heck he’s talking about and b. cuts through the crap and over-reliance on jargon and actually communicates and makes things so accessible. 

Rick June 15, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Checked out Hootsuite in the iPhone App Store and the reviews were great until the last day or so when all of the reviewers said the latest update made it super-buggy. Has that been your experience? Also, thoughts on Hootsuite vs. Tweetdeck? 

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