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There is an ongoing debate between me and some of my family and friends.  I am convinced that Five Guys makes the best burger, like ever.  Others are convinced that you can get a better burger at In-N-Out, or at a restaurant.  Sorry guys, but I have had those other burgers, and you just can’t beat Five Guys.  I drank the cool-aid, and am happy to do it.

But I am a common sense, fair guy, so I searched deep into my soul to discover exactly why Five Guys is the best burger ever created.  I consulted burger experts (my kids) and numerous other opinions that I trust to see if perhaps I was missing something.  Maybe I was being blinded by my lust for those juicy pieces of art, so I dug deep and I believe I found the answers. Let’s discuss….

1. The food is just good – If the food is bad, you won’t go back. Am I right? Just like me, you have experienced bad food and it makes you not want to come back. So their food is good, no doubt. I have never had a bad burger there.

2. They are fast – I have eaten at In-n-Out and it takes too long to get your food. Five Guys is just faster. When you hit the door and you smell that burger, you just want it in your hands fast.  I can’t complain about their service.

3. The peanuts – They give free peanuts while you wait, just like Longhorn. Nice touch. It curbs my craving for a few minutes while I wait on my food.

4. The simple menu – You don’t have alot of choices on their menu. That speeds up the ordering process and it allows them to concentrate on making a good burger.

5. The extra fries – They always dump an extra scoop of fries in your bag. So right off the bat you feel like you are getting more for your money. It’s that little extra thing that makes you feel good about having to pay a premium price for their burger.

But despite those things, that isn’t why Five Guys is the best.  The real reason: the marketing.

The next time you go to Five Guys, look at the walls. On every wall, even in the bathrooms, you are reminded over and over again how awesome the burgers are. You see all the awards that they have won, year after year, for being the best burger in this city, and that city. You are visually reminded at every turn that you made an awesome choice by coming to Five Guys. Before you even eat anything, you feel good about your choice. Surely, all those people couldn’t be wrong, right?

So my question to you is this: do you engage in Five Guys Marketing? Do your customers/constituents feel good about the choice they made to do business with you?  Do you ‘tell your story’ enough?  No doubt, you have to get the basics right first… a good quality product, good customer service, etc.  But maybe you need to do better job of making your customers feel validated in their choice to do business with you.

Go get a Five Guys burger, then come back here and tell me what you think.  Oh, and save me some fries!!  I love those fries.

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