Family ski trip

OK, here is what you need to know about the upcoming family ski trip:

  • The best part of the trip is going to be spending time together and having fun!
  • We arrive in Gatlinburg on Friday, Jan 8th. (Please note that dinner on Friday will be up to you since people will be arriving at different times Friday evening. So grab something to eat on the way to the cabin)
  • We leave Gatlinburg on Sunday, Jan 10th
  • We have a bed for everyone. Anpa is paying for the cabin.
  • We are working on the food arrangement so everyone will be asked to donate some money for the food. Using the money we will be providing breakfast on Saturday, dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. And for those who are going skiing we will be making some sandwiches and snacks to take to the slopes, since the food at the ski lodge is generally expensive. So we would like to ask for a $15 donation per person to cover this cost. You can Venmo your donation by Thursday, Jan 7th, to: @HollieHolt
  • We will be skiing at Ober Gatlinburg on Saturday, Jan 9th. The slopes are open from 10am till 8pm, although we probably won’t stay till 8pm because everyone will be tired for sure.
  • Currently there is a base of approx. 25-40 inches of snow and 7 trails are open. We will know about the weather on that weekend the closer we get to the date, but as of now there is snow and ski slopes are open. Here is a webpage that has the latest information on the trails:
  • The cost of a lift ticket for the day: $70 per person (your responsibility)
  • The cost of ski rental for the day: $34 per person (your responsibility)
  • If you plan on skiing, there are several things to keep in mind as you prepare: you will need to keep your hands, feet, and head warm. Please prepare to bring hats and gloves that will accomplish that (and a warm jacket too, of course). We also recommend that you dress in layers in the event that you get hot and you want to remove a layer. We have a few extra pairs of snow pants in various sizes that are available to those who want them, and you’ll probably want to simply try them on at the cabin once you arrive because I don’t know what size everyone wears. (they are mostly women’s sizes) I will simply be wearing a pair of jeans, with thermal pants underneath, since it will only be 1 day of skiing. I am not going to worry with buying a full ski outfit for this trip.
  • For those of you who don’t want to go skiing, there are many other activities that are available in Gatlinburg, and also in the nearby Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
  • And in the event that there isn’t enough snow on the slopes to make it worth our while, or the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will have plenty of activities to do together on Saturday! As I said, spending time together is the most important thing!

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