Find Your Home

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I’ve been a professional speaker for a number of years.  That means numerous times a year I travel to wherever the work takes me, which is sometimes to some pretty cool places.  I’ve been to the four corners of the United States and countless places in between.  I even got hired to go speak in the […]

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Learned Behavior: Recharging Your Batteries

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We’ve all been there. Worn out. Tired. Brain fried. Or my dad’s favorite… plumb tuckered out. I’ve been so mentally drained so many times over the past 6 months that sometimes I literally fall into bed at the end of the day and I’m out like a light in 5 minutes. You ever felt like […]

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My Dog Eats Underwear

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My dog eats lots of stuff. Everything in fact. If it is left within his reach, he will eat it. Outside he will eat the branches and pine cones from the trees. He eats the doggy pillows we give him to lay on. Anything that drops on the kitchen floor is gone too, if he […]

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She’s Gone

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Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to go. Then one day last year she said she was ready. It was time to go. Two days after turning 17 years old, our daughter Carlie boarded a plane bound for Italy, to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student for a year, living in a […]

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