It’s tough sometimes to find useful information about how to do something. Here are some resources that you can use as you develop your social media outreach.

Google+ | Facebook | Foursquare | YouTube | Twitter | LinkedIn  |  Pinterest | Instagram



Google+ logo

Mashable’s Google+ Guide

Slashgear’s Google+ Guide

Social Media Examiner – Top Google+ Tools and Apps


Facebook logo

A simple guide to Facebook Advertising options

Facebook Guide to Advertising

Social Media Examiner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

How To Avoid and Prevent Facebook Spam

Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Create your Facebook Page

Facebook’s Social Plugins

Facebook’s Guide to Check-in Deals

Mashable’s Guide to Facebook

Steve Holt’s ‘The Facebook Guide for Small Business’ (shameless self-promotion)

How to poll your Facebook fans


Foursquare logo

How to set up a Foursquare Special

How to start marketing on Foursquare

The 10 Things You Need To Be Doing On Foursquare Right Now (from Steve’s blog)


YouTube logo

Google’s Guide for YouTube

Four ways small business can use YouTube

An expert’s guide to YouTube

5 YouTube Marketing Tips

5 YouTube Marketing Mistakes Committed by Small Business


Twitter logo

Twitter Advertising

Mom, this is how Twitter works

Mashable’s Guide to Twitter

Real-time Twitter search using Twazzup


LinkedIn logo

Mashable’s Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn

Official new user starter guide

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn on

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Profile for Recruiting

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn


26 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business

The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Pinterest For Marketing

Pinterest Guide

5 Ways To Create Shareable Pictures For Your Business

6 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business

6 Ways To Drive More Pinterest Engagement

7 Pinterest Tips for B2B Companies

6 Pinterest Tips From Power Users



Mashable’s Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

Getting started on Instagram (Instagram Help Center)

26 Tips for Using Instagram For Business


Just plain good advice:

4 Innovative Ways To Use Web Video for Small Business

4 Inspiring Small Business Video Successes

How The Pros Measure Social Media Marketing Success

6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

14 Best Practices for Long-Term Social Media Success

How To Get Started With Photoblogging

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Company Blog

Six Effective Social Media Strategies For Small Business

6 Smart and Effective Email Marketing Tactics

How To Start Marketing With Hootsuite (I use this tool daily… love it!)

5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Social Media

How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your Website

How To Get the Most Out Of Google Adwords

4 Tips For Creating a Podcast For Your Small Business