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I really appreciate you stopping by my site. I can help you get better at whatever it is that you do, and I would love to show you how to do that!  I can provide one-one-one coaching, training and workshops, keynote speeches, website design, marketing and public relations consulting on many different topics such as leadership, social media, inspirational and motivational talks, marketing, website design, and more!


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Steve’s most recent post on is called “Flashbulbs of Memories

What are they saying about Steve Holt?

“ As President of Diet Center , a weight loss company, our mission is to bring more and more people to wellness everyday.  With obesity rates rising rapidly and the battle of the bulge becoming a worldwide epidemic, we realized we had an opportunity to retool our marketing strategies to reach even more potential clients and make a bigger difference in the communities we serve. The Facebook Guide for Small Business by Steve Holt has helped us to cost-effectively target weight conscious consumers in our local markets.  Steve’s strategic methods have allowed us to reduce overall traditional marketing spend (TV, Newspaper, Radio), reduce potentially fragmented messaging and replace it with a fail-proof targeted marketing system that gets exceptional results.  This year, with Steve’s recommendations, we have been able to double our client base and increase revenue by 42%. More impressively, the implemented social media strategies have allowed us to capture an exceptional return on investment, increase the number of qualified leads, and solidify relationships with our existing client base by providing value-added tools, services and resources to turn our customers into raving Diet Center fans!”

Ty Bushart – President
Diet Center


“I was very clear that I wanted a website that my staff and I could manage on our own – without constant supervision.  Steve Holt very patiently listened to us to understand our needs and expectations for this website and was even willing to adapt to our changes – never once seeming frustrated.  Steve has also been available since for questions and support without wearing us out financially.  I can truthfully say that if I had it to do over that I would hire Steve Holt!”

Sharon Maloan
Owner – Sugar & Spice Clothing Company

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