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The other day I went to a local business that provides a service.  When I entered the lobby the individual behind the desk stood up and shook my hand, smiled, and greeted me.  They asked me if I wanted something to drink while I waited and asked me how my day was going.  From the moment I was greeted in the lobby until the moment I left the building, I was made to feel important and that my business was appreciated.  And that’s why I’ll never use anyone else except for them.

Let me ask you a question.  When was the last time you went anywhere and got excellent customer service?  When was the last time you were treated special, like you really matter?  Yeah, it’s hard to remember, am I right?  If you want to set your business apart, then you need to start creating what I call the Ideal Client Experience.

When someone is scheduled to come to my office and meet with me, we begin preparing at least 2 days beforehand.  My assistant and I discuss what we want to accomplish during the meeting and what materials we need to create for them.  We talk about the things we learned about them the last time we saw them or talked to them, and we make notes to touch base with them about it.

When the client walks through the door, the entire experience that we want them to experience is kicked into gear.  My assistant offers them their favorite refreshment (because we made a note about it the last time they were here) and devotes her entire attention to visiting with them. We make them feel important and talk about their family, their vacation, and whatever is happening in their lives.

It is like that from the moment they enter my office until the moment they leave when I escort them to the door. Every minute is devoted to creating the Ideal Client Experience and I want my clients to walk away from the experience knowing it was worth their time and something they enjoy.

If you want to deepen your relationships with your clients, then I know of no better way than to create a repeatable process that provides your very best client experience that you can provide.  Your Ideal Client Experience.  It has to be something that is documented, something your staff know backwards and forwards, and something that is repeatable with every client.  Do that, and you’ll set yourself apart from others and your clients won’t want to go anywhere else but to you.

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