The 4 Things That Bug Me About Foursquare Users

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You ain’t being fair on Foursquare, are you?

So I have been using Foursquare for quite some time, and I must admit, I still love it. I know that constantly ‘checking in’ can get old for some people, but I know that bigger things are coming to Foursquare, so hanging in there right now is gonna pay off big. But there are a few things that bug me about Foursquare. There are some gray areas that I have discovered that I don’t quite feel right about, and I am interested to see what others think. So here is a list of the gray areas that I don’t quite know what to do with. Some of you aren’t acting in a proper manner, I don’t think, so what should we do about it? Let’s discuss… shall we?

1. If you forget to check-in to a location, is it fair to check-in later in the day so that you can get credit for the check-in? I would argue that you can’t. If you forget, then so be it, you gotta go back to get that check-in.

2. If you are getting ready to leave a location, is it really fair to check-in as you are walking out the door? I would say no. I mean, the whole point of Foursquare is to see where your friends are and to encourage you to meet up with them when you know they are some place. Since you aren’t going to be there in a few seconds, it doesn’t seem fair to check-in as you are actually checking-out!

3. If you are simply walking down the street and you check-in to businesses as you walk by them, is that really fair? I would say no. If you aren’t actually going there to meet someone, or browse the place, or buy something, to me that isn’t fair to get a check-in for that.

4. This is probably a no-brainer for most people… If you can’t check-in enough to take a mayorship away from someone, is it fair to create another place with a similar name just so you can get a mayorship? I would say no. I can see the argument that if a business hasn’t claimed their Foursquare location yet, then why shouldn’t you be able to create another one, right? But I think most people would agree this just ain’t fair!

So there you go… my list of the top 4 things that bug me about Foursquare users. Some of you are doing these things, aren’t you? Yeah, you know who you are. So what about you? Do you agree? Anything else that bugs you?

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