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I get it. I’ve hired speakers before, so I know what you are thinking. You think to yourself… ‘Does he cuss on stage?'(I try not to cuss on stage).  ‘Is he professional?’ (Yep, I am) ‘Is he affordable?’ (I promise, I am)  ‘Is he funny and engaging?’ (I do juggle, and I know quite a few jokes, but aside from that I can promise you that you’ll laugh. Alot)  ‘Is he a diva?’ (Nope. But I have been known to listen to a few divas on Pandora) ‘Does he require anything weird?’  (You won’t have to provide any bowls of brown M&Ms, a personal trainer, or a limo. I’m pretty low maintenance.)  ‘Does he hang out with the conference attendees?’  (That’s actually one of my requirements. I need a badge so I can hang and mingle with the folks. It’s what I do.)  I do have to warn you though.  If you hire me, your conference attendees will want me back.

Steve can provide several types of services:

  • Speaking engagements – Keynote addresses, concurrent sessions, or other types of events that need a speaker.
  • Workshops – Consider a half-day or full-day workshop on social media, marketing, leadership, search engine and marketing optimization, and more. Workshops can be hands-on (if facilities are available) or in a simple classroom setting.

It’s real simple… just email him at with the details and he will respond within 2-4 hours.  For speaking events, Steve can customize his session for you, even framing his remarks around your event theme or goals that you have in mind.  So even if you don’t see a topic below that matches your exact need, ask Steve to customize a session for your event!


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Watch some video clips of Steve’s recent speaking events on the About Steve page.


Motivational topics:

Finding Success In A World Full Of Failure
History is filled with examples of failures. But some failures then led to unprecedented successes that changed the world. Have you been dogged by failure? This session will share with you stories of colossal failures by some of the most famous people the world has ever know. Then you’ll learn how you can take their examples and achieve the success in your own life that you have always wanted.

The 5 Most Important People In The World
Looking throughout history shows us people who literally changed the world as we know it. Taking a close examination of their lives reveals some amazing things. What can we learn from them and apply to our lives and organizations today? What was it that made them special? Who are they? You might be surprised

The Ugly Duckling and How I Learned To Fly
Too many people are not doing what their heart’s desire tells them to do. They are afraid of failure and never experience true success in their personal or professional life. Let Steve tell you the story about how his life was changed and what you can do to do the same thing in your life, and achieve the success you have always dreamed about.


Social Media, Business, and Leadership topics:

The 10 Things That Lousy Leaders Do (And 10 Things That Great Leaders Do!)
We’ve all been there.  We have worked for that one guy who was the worst boss in the world.  And you remember every thing they did that made them the worst boss in the world.  The problem is that eventually you become the boss, and unless you are vigilant and aware of your leadership style, you may end up being that ‘worst boss in the world’ to someone else.  In this session you’ll learn about the 10 big things that lousy leaders do and how you can avoid them.  You’ll nod, you’ll laugh, and you’ll want your boss to come with you.  Bonus: You’ll also learn about the 3 things that you can do to make sure that you are a success in your job!

50 Social Media Marketing Ideas
So you’re sold on the idea of using social media to market your business?  So you’ve opened accounts on all the social media networks?  Now what? Coming up with ideas of what to post and how to interact can be a challenge.  This presentation will provide you 50 specific ideas of what you need to do on all the popular social networks.

Non-Profits & Social Media: The Ingredients for Success
Non-profits face unique challenges in building a following and achieving success that moves the organization’s goals forward. Social media holds great promise, and great pitfalls. With limited resources, you don’t need to waste time or money. This sessions boils down all the hype to tell you exactly what your non-profit organization needs to do to be successful with your social media outreach.

Disruptive Opportunities: Leading Through Chaos
With the rapid changes that we have seen in technology and the  wholesale participation in social media by consumers and businesses, there are pitfalls that we didn’t anticipate and that have the potential for ‘disrupting’ your social media marketing initiatives.  Many businesses today are using these ‘disruptive’ technologies wrong, and this session will talk about how we can turn the tide on this growing chaos of activity and provide leadership that can make a difference.

Your Google Gameplan: Getting Found On the Internet
Things aren’t as easy as they once were. In this session Steve explains the changes that Google has made in the way that they view your business and the many ways that they use to rank you in their search listings. From your website, to your social media channels, to your Google Maps listings… there is more to think about than you realize. Understanding how it all fits together is critical if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors!

The 5 Big Things You Need To Know About Social Media Right Now
Social Media is here to stay. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we interact with each other, and even how we live. It has spawned new words and ways of speaking to each other, and it has literally changed the face of business. This presentation will share with you the 5 ‘big’ things that you need to know about social media and what you need to be doing to take advantage of these things to grow your organization and connect in new ways with your customers.

Why Lady Gaga Has Fans And You Don’t
Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Ms. Gaga has left her mark on entertainment. How has she managed to be #1 on both Twitter and Facebook, with millions of people hanging on her every word? This session will explore the things she does to engage with her fans and how you can use Social Media to ‘be like Lady Gaga’.

Social Media In Higher Education: the Promise & the Peril
Social media technologies have changed the way that we obtain information, process that information, and use information to interact with each other. Its disruptive nature is altering the very fabric of the way we live and causing a ‘clash of cultures’ that is evident especially in higher education. We are struggling with how to incorporate social media into our pedagogy to meet the desires of today’s students without losing the quality and academic integrity of the learning experience. This session will explore how we got here, the clash this is happening on college campuses and in the classroom, and what we can do about it.

Overwhelmed and Overcome: Technology Saturation and the Coming Crisis
Having trouble sleeping at night? Can’t seem to get everything off your mind and just relax? Are you having trouble remembering things and find yourself relying on technology to fill in the gaps? You aren’t alone. This session focuses on what technology is doing to us, how its affecting our work, our personal lives, and our families, and what we can do to solve this before it’s too late.

The 51 1/2 Things You Can Do With Google
Google does much more than just search. In fact, there’s a hidden side of Google you never knew! This session will focus on 51 1/2 things that you can do with Google, and I guarantee you that you’ll find something in this session that will make you say, ‘Wow, I never knew that!

Generation Why?: Who Generation Y Is and Why You Better Figure It Out
You don’t understand why they do the things they do. Yet this group of young people is larger in number than Baby Boomers and they are entering the workforce in droves. You better figure out how to manage them, motivate them, and understand what they like before you’re in over your head. This session will explore the characteristics of Generation Y and the secrets to integrating them into the workplace.

Technology and Leadership
Have you ever worked for a person who had no business being the boss? They were in over their head and everybody knew it. Don’t be like that. This session will show you specific technology tools that you can use to enhance your leadership skills and become someone that people will follow.

And more…

  • You Are Your Brand
  • Service learning & Social Media: A Match Made In Heaven
  • Lost At Sea:  Navigating the Ocean of Social Media
  • Does Your Online Course Have A Leg To Stand On: The 4 Keys (legs) To Success
  • The Connected Woman
  • Fostering Academic Integrity in the Online Environment

Here are some of the organizations/events that Steve has been involved with in the past:

  • Tennessee Gas Association
  • Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation, Doctors Hospital, Nassau, Bahamas
  • National Healthcare Distributors
  • Davenport University
  • J.K. America Expos (Las Vegas, Orlando, Connecticut)
  • Four Seasons Sales & Service Regional Expos (North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama)
  • The Indoor Tanning Association
  • Tennessee College Public Relations Association
  • American Advertising Federation
  • Weststar Leadership Development Program
  • Tennessee Economic Council on Women
  • Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development
  • Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium
  • West Tennessee Economic Development Conference
  • Jackson Tennessee Chamber of Commerce
  • Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry Annual Conference
  • Tennessee Bankers Association Strategic Technology Conference

If you want to work with Steve, then just email him at with the details. He likes email.