Find Your Home

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I’ve been a professional speaker for a number of years.  That means numerous times a year I travel to wherever the work takes me, which is sometimes to some pretty cool places.  I’ve been to the four corners of the United States and countless places in between.  I even got hired to go speak in the […]

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The Stars Burned Out Long Ago

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When you look up at the stars at night, some stars are brighter than others, depending on how far away from earth they are.  The closest star according to astronomers is about 4 light years away, which means that at the speed of light it takes 4 years for a beam of light to reach […]

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The Better Angels of Our Nature

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The upcoming movie about Abraham Lincoln has caused me to think about the things he said and did that made him one of the greatest, if not the greatest, presidents in history. At Lincoln’s Inaugural Address in 1861, with the drums of war beating stronger by the day, he closed his address pleading for everyone to listen […]

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The Community Net

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(larger image below) I am involved in my community. What that means is that I participate in and associate myself with numerous organizations in my community that do different things. I am a member of business organizations, a civic club, and a church. I have coached ball teams. I have taught at the local college. […]

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Making a Difference

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I just returned from a speaking engagement in Nashville, Tennessee, where I spoke to a group of leaders in the Rotary International organization. I am a Rotarian myself and was excited to be a part of the event, and if you don’t know what Rotary is then I can tell you that it is a […]

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