Small Talk: The New Sales Pitch

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Selling is not easy. Every successful salesman has their own formula, their own secret. And certain things work for some, and not for others. I have a good friend named Michael Angelo Caruso who is an established expert on selling, and he has trained thousands of people over the years on the art of selling.  He knows what he is talking about.  And one of the things that Michael would tell you is that one of the most effective ways to sell is the ‘conversation’.  Having a conversation where you show genuine interest in the other person and just talk is a great way to increase your sales. Basically, NOT selling is a good way to sell.  Makes perfect sense, eh?

I have found that advice to be true in my own work over the years.  In fact, some of the biggest successes that I have had came not because of a sales pitch per se, but because of the ‘small talk’ that I had with customers over dinner or a drink.  And that’s why I call ‘small talk’ the new sales pitch.

When it comes to social media, that is the same type of advice that I give my customers who want to do business on social networks.  If you want to get more business, and consequently more income, then don’t try to sell anything on social networks.  Try to make personal connections with people and when they want to do business and buy the thing that you sell, they will think of you.  That’s how ‘small talk’ can take your business to the next level.

Let me give you an example.  When I speak at conferences and events, I don’t just show up right before my speech and then leave right after.  I show up at the conference the day before so I can go to the evening reception.  And I go to the sessions of other speakers.  I go to the conference meals and sit at the table with the attendees, and I hang around after I am done so that I can talk to those who inevitably have questions for me.  I do this for one simple reason… the small talk.

It’s the small talk that gets me more business.  I show interest in what others want to talk about, and it happens almost every time.  Someone will inquire as to what other services I provide.  Someone will ask me to call them or come see them so they can get my help with this or that.  I will get asked to join folks going out to dinner or heading to the bar for drinks, and I know that I will have many opportunities to talk about what I do and what I can do for them.  I show them that I am engaged with what is going on with them, and they want to do more business with me.

It’s the small talk that gets me more business than any sales pitch that I could give.  And the small talk will work for you too.  I guarantee it.

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